Family law costs

It is not possible for any family lawyer to tell you in advance how much your matter will cost. This depends on many variables involved in conducting and concluding a Family Law matter, for example, any actions which your ex-partner does or does not take.

What we can and will do is provide you with regular estimates, which are accurate within a range for costs due to our extensive experience in practising Family Law for over 35 years. We can and will tell you fairly quickly whether we anticipate costs will be more or less than the estimates provided and provide regular fortnightly or monthly accounts, allowing you to stay on top of payments.

The primary method of costing we employ is “time costing.” This is the most common method utilised within the legal services industry. We employ time costing on the basis of 10 x 6 minute unit per hour. That is, each hour is broken down into 10 x 6 minute units and you are charged for the number of units, or parts of units, it takes for us to complete a task on your file. When your account is being calculated according to the time costing method, we will provide you with an estimate of fees for both the matter in its entirety, for each step along the way or whenever you request an estimate be provided.