Divorce Matters: Help Is Online

One of the most daunting prospects of separation is the emotional and financial burden of feeling alone in the process and/or losing the support you once enjoyed with your partner. These feelings can often be accentuated if children are involved.

Using a qualified family law firm that specialises in divorce law will ensure you receive appropriate legal advice, strategic guidance and access to a range of specialists to ensure you have emotional support throughout the process.  While a family lawyer should be sensitive to your circumstances and understanding of your needs,  he or she should always maintain a good arm’s length from providing emotional rather than legal support. However, you can and should rely on your divorce lawyer to provide guidance with clear actionable points and milestones and the provision of logical steps to achieve the intended results from your divorce proceedings.

Seek support online

In today’s world however, there is (thankfully) a lot of support online for people going through separation or divorce and, as with many things online, there is a comfort in the anonymity of posting questions and concerns, and seeking guidance from those who have been through the process before.

It can be very reassuring when accessing divorce or separation forums, to sense check and get different viewpoints from people that have been through the process. As one goes through the separation process, there are a raft of questions, over-thinking, over-analysing and the occasional action paralysis from the huge amount of things going on.

As a parent going through separation, today you are much less alone than say, your parent’s generation. In part due to the stoicism of previous generations, but largely due to the availability of online resources.

There are, unsurprisingly, a number of divorce or separation forums that are advisable to stay clear of – namely, forums where the disgruntled, angry and misguided band together sharing myths, misconceptions, unhelpful war stories and tales of injustice.

Your divorce lawyer can help you filter through these websites/forums and help put you in touch with or direct you to qualified professionals, practical forums and websites where verified and qualified legal information and/or emotional support can be sought.

One last caveat that is worth its weight in gold,  is to steer clear of using social media as a channel to vent your frustration or anger to your ex-partner. Social media can often be permanent even if you delete posts and there are increasing cases of legal precedent where either abusive or other malignant comments have been highlighted in courts of law (i.e. attached to the back of an Affidavit) to show the unreasonableness or inappropriateness of a former partner and/or the other parent in parenting matters. Equally, posts in social media may be used to demonstrate an inappropriate lifestyle. S while you read, engage, comment and interact online, do so cautiously and considerately.

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