Children and Parenting Family Law

Parental Agreement Responsibility

The Family Law Act provides for both parents to share parental responsibility for their children. This is different to who the children will live with and the amount of time they spend with each parent.

Residence and Disputes about spending time with each parent

One of the most important decisions separating parents must make is where the children will live and how much time they will spend with each parent. It is preferable for parents to make these decisions rather than leave it to the Courts. We can work with you in exploring your options including mediation. However, some disputes do require a court decision. We have extensive experience in assisting parents both in and out of court to resolve their parenting issues.

Child relocation

A parent needs the permission of the other parent before they are able to take the children to live in another town/city, another state or another country. If the other parent will not consent to the move, the Court will make the decision regarding if relocation is possible. It is vital that both parents facing a possible relocation of the children seek expert legal advice. For more information on International relocation of children please see our international family law page.

Surrogacy, adoption and Guardianship

Australia does not currently have Commonwealth adoption laws. Instead, each state has it’s own laws which can make the process seem complex. Our lawyers have expertise and are well equipped to help those considering adopting a child or caring for a child of a family member.