`Not Now, Not Ever’- Putting an End to Domestic Violence and Family Violence in Queensland

The Report of the Task Force into domestic violence and family violence in Queensland has recently been released. It is of great concern that statistics show an increase in violence against mainly women. On average, one woman is murdered every week in Australia as a result of domestic violence and one in three women experience physical abuse at the hands of someone they know. It is very sobering reading.

The Taskforce has a strong message for the community – domestic and family violence is everyone’s concern and as a community we all have responsibility to stop the behaviour and attitudes that perpetuate the circle of domestic violence. (p9)

The Report calls on all Queenslanders to take up the challenge of bringing an end to domestic and family violence. (p340)

To highlight just a few of the recommendations proposed by the Task Force:

• all members of the community have a responsibility to intervene and try to stop the occurrence of domestic violence and family violence if confronted by it;

• A comprehensive communication strategy to change in culture and attitudes about women in our society (p10); and

• The establishment of a specialist Magistrates and specialist domestic and family violence court in Queensland.

Domestic violence and Family violence can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender, wealth or where they live. The risk and potential for such violence is often greater in those relationships that are in difficulty or in the lead up to couples separating.

There is no need to let things escalate to this extent. There is help available for people who are experiencing problems or who wish to separate. We can put people in touch with experts who can assist in helping couples avoid domestic violence and family violence.

The Report is essential reading for every one of us as members of a community and not just those who work in this space. We at Damien Greer Lawyers applaud the Task Force for their work and their recommendations.


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