Lebanese Child Abduction Case

We are pleased to hear of the release of the 60 Minutes crew and Brisbane mother, Sally Faulkner, the mother at the centre of the child abduction case in Lebanon.  We empathise with Ms Faulkner’s dreadful position and take this opportunity to caution parents of the risks involved in permitting their children to travel to non-Hague Convention countries without proper safeguards in place.  This unfortunate situation highlights the importance of obtaining expert legal advice and family court orders in relation to parenting matters post-relationship breakdown, particularly where international travel is involved to countries that may not be part of the Hague Convention.  The outcome for Sally Faulkner and her children is not good.  The agreement she has been forced into appears to mean the children will not come back to Australia, missing out on all the benefits of grandparents, cousins and the like.

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