Hague Convention Return Applications

Child Abduction Matters

Taking a child out of Australia without the other parent’s consent or refusing to return a child to Australia is wrongful removal or wrongful retention. It is often carried out by the other parent or a member of that parent’s family.

The Hague Convention on the International Aspects of Child Abduction was brought into force in Australia in 1983. Only countries who signed up to the Hague Convention are bound by its rules.

It is the most common type of international family law and we are recognised as having experience in this field. This applies equally to parents who seek our help to bring their child back to Australia and those who find themselves defending child abduction proceedings in Australia.

When child abduction has or may occur, urgent legal advice and action is vital.

Enforcement of Foreign Financial Orders

If you have divorced in another country is may be necessary for you to enforce an order regarding your property division in Australia. Alternatively, you may need to enforce such an order made in Australia, in another country.

We can provide you with advice regarding either of these situations.