Collaborative Law, Mediation , Arbitration & Litigation

The Family Law Act makes it mandatory (apart from a few exceptions) for parents to meet with a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to attempt to resolve their parenting issues before they are entitled to commence court proceedings. Even after court proceedings have commenced, parents will be required to attend a mediation conference again in an attempt to settle their parenting issues.

Parties who have financial and property disputes only are also required to attend mediation in an attempt to resolve their issues. In addition to mediation there are a number of other processes available to resolve such disputes.

The dispute resolution processes include:

Each of these processes has advantages and disadvantages and different costs and benefits. Of all these processes, litigation is generally the most expensive.

The family lawyers in our team are trained in these alternative dispute resolution processes. We will explore all possible ways to help our clients resolve their disputes by tailoring the particular dispute resolution process to the particular needs of each client.